Tuesday, May 31, 2011

YouTube - TRUTH!.. Obama's personal enemy!

YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.: "TRUTH!.. Obama's personal enemy.

HauntingsTelevision 19 hours ago 2
Kol HaKavod R' Richman!  Probably your best rebuttal ever

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  1. If you watch this tape carefully you may see where a major "stutter" from our president had been remixed, from 6.50-6.55 [ If you notice the very rapid change of Obama's head postion at 6.55 ] This is where Obama had stammered and stuttered when trying to say he was "mis-represented" in the media regarding the 1967 borders. Naturally he is trying to live this down. The best thing IMO [ for him and Israel ] is to drop the whole topic, there are plenty of issues of Global Significance [ not mention our domestic problem at home ] for Obama to concern himself with.