Tuesday, May 31, 2011

US Budget: Funding to Save Lives | ONE

US Budget: Funding to Save Lives | ONE: "On February 14th, President Obama released his FY2012 International Affairs Budget totaling $53.1 billion. Although representing only 1.7% of the total budget, this money is critical to support the fight against poverty, disease, and corruption in developing countries around the world. Over the next several months the House and the Senate will review the President's request, amend the budget, and (hopefully!) come to an agreement before October when the new fiscal year begins.

Meanwhile, on April 14th Congress passed a budget deal for 2011. Fortunately, this budget preserves nearly all key funding for programs fighting poverty in the developing world. For more info about the FY11 budget, check out this blog post.

In the coming year, we'll be working hard here at ONE to ensure that the 2012 budget preserves programs that save and enrich lives."

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