Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Rousseff Said to Weigh Veto on Amnesty to Amazon Logging

Rousseff Said to Weigh Veto on Amnesty to Amazon Logging: "The Senate will pass the bill 'without difficulties' because hearings on the legislation have already begun in the upper house, she told reporters in Brasilia yesterday.

'We have to solve this problem, 95 percent of Brazilian farmers are not allowed to obtain financing because the law is outdated,' Abreu said. 'This legal insecurity affects one- third of Brazilian jobs, one-third of gross domestic product and almost 40 percent of our exports.'

Brazil's is the world's biggest beef exporter and has the biggest soybean crop after the U.S. Soy output will increase 7.2 percent this year to 73.7 million tons, the Agriculture Ministry said this month. Mato Grosso, which produced 27 percent of Brazil's last soybean harvest, will boost production 8.8 percent to 20.4 million tons, according to ministry figures."

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