Tuesday, May 31, 2011

World History International: On This Day In History

World History Today: May 31, 2011- A compilation of only what matters most: By Stephen C. Sanders Edited By: Aharon Moshe Sanders
How to get two employees for the price of one "unsalaried" entrepreneur.

World History International: On This Day In History: "On This Day in History
Tuesday, May 31, 2011

* 70 Rome captures 1st wall of the city of Jerusalem"
* 1495 Emperor Maximilian, Pope Alexander VI, Milan, King Ferdinand, Isabella & Venice sign anti-French Saint League

* 1621 Sir Francis Bacon thrown into Tower of London for 1 night
* 1665 Jerusalem's rabbi Sjabtai Tswi proclaims himself Messiah
* 1678 Lady Godiva rode naked through Coventry in a protest of taxes

* 1790 US copyright law enacted
* 1836 HMS Beagle anchors in Simons Bay, Cape of Good Hope
* 1837 Astor Hotel opens in NYC, it later becomes the Waldorf-Astoria

* 1859 Phila A's organize to play "town ball" became baseball 20 years later
* 1868 1st Memorial Day parade held in Ironton, Ohio
* 1868 Dr James Moore (UK) wins 1st recorded bicycle race, (2k) velocipede race at Parc fde St Cloud, Paris
* 1870 Congress passes 1st Enforcement Act (rights of blacks)

* 1878 German battleship Grosser Kurfurst sinks, 284 killed
* 1878 US Congress accept decrease in dollar circulation
* 1879 1st electric railway opens at Berlin Trades Exposition
* 1879 Madison Square Garden opens
* 1906 Attack on King Alfonso XIII & Victoria von Battenberg in Madrid
* 1907 Taxis 1st began running in NYC

* 1884 Dr John Harvey Kellogg patents "flaked cereal"

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