Monday, March 24, 2014

For The Sake Of World Peace Israel Must No Longer Cede Land to Her Enemies.

For The Sake Of World Peace Israel Must No Longer Cede Land to Her Enemies.: "The best path way for peace for the nation of Israel, is to stick to it's right to defend itself and its own boarders as a sovereign nation. One does not have to look very far in the part to understand that a policy of appeasement never brings about any sort of lasting peace, but rather encourages ongoing struggle, friction and more violence, and ultimately war. "

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Krista Lori

Krista Lori: "I will be sleeping on the street in a cardboard box on March 21, 2014...
so that homeless youth don't have to. Each of you who know me well know that I am deeply moved to help children without homes and families. Please visit the link below and make a donation to help fund the shelters"

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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Nature and Animal Conservation — Global Issues

Nature and Animal Conservation — Global Issues: "As explained in the biodiversity section of this web site, conservation of ecosystems and the species within them would help to maintain the natural balances disrupted by recent human activity.

A report from the global conservation organization, WWF, has suggested that since 1970 the pressure we exert on the planet has almost doubled and the natural resources upon which we depend have declined by more than 33% "

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About Common Good | Common Good

About Common Good | Common Good: "Common Good was founded in 2002 by Philip K. Howard. Our Advisory Board includes leaders from many areas of society, including former government officials Senators Howard Baker, Bill Bradley, George McGovern, and Alan Simpson, and Governors Jeb Bush and Tom Kean. We have offices in New York and Washington, D.C.

Click here for a full list of advisers and staff.

Taking Action
Common Good is advising federal, state and local officials on government overhaul, regulatory reform and elimination of obsolete laws."

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