Monday, May 23, 2011

Social Cause 101 Recognizes Opposing Points of View and Encourages Comments:

Social Cause 101 Recognizes Opposing Points of View and Encourages Comments:
By Stephen C. Sanders aka (by his Hebrew name) Aharon Moshe Sanders (AhMbDvd)
May 23, 2011- 12:30pm

The publisher of this blog has many other blogs and is continuously in a building mode in order to accomodate the rapid developments which are unfolding in various directions daily. The publisher is well aware that his unique viewpoint is by no means universally agreed upon so has at this time issued this statement!

Social Cause 101 Recognizes Opposing Points of View and Encourages Comments:

In order to provide a more interactive basis for ongoing intelligent and factual based opinions this forum may from time to time include the writings of other authors who do not  necessarily come to the same conclusion of this one publisher and blog author. These other articles and or images may be included in current postings as well as ongoing posts, and may or may not be promoted by the publisher as he may do with posts that are more in line with the author and publishers point of view.

Even though Google provides Free Web hosting for this particular forum, there can be no assumption that the opinions expressed in this blog are in any way endorsed or supported by Google in any way fashion or manner. The same must be determined for other interactive social media websites such as Twitter and Facebook as well as WordPress.

The terms of service of all these websites clearly delineate their policy in such matters. However since all of these mentioned providers of free hosting space do indeed have beenfits of their own the author of this particular blog simply is utilizing the convenience of their various services to promote his own unique point of view.

Therefore please understand that while this author will develop his own particular concept and take on current events, and the direction that our world seems to be spinning in, he is also more than freely willing to share via direct blogging methods provided by Google (via blogger and buzz, Or Facebook (via groups and pages) as well as via Twitter (via their unique system as well as 3rd party apps).

To comment, agree, join, Like, agree, read, or syndicate (via RSS) does not necessarily mean that such individuals universally accept or endorse all aspects of this particular blog author (who also views himself as "the publisher") of this specific blog or series groups, networks or syndicates of these websites, articles and opinions.


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