Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Yom Hazikaron spurs reunion of soldier's friends - Jewish News of Greater Phoenix

Yom Hazikaron spurs reunion of soldier's friends - Jewish News of Greater Phoenix:

May 6, 2011/Iyar 2 5771, Volume 63, No. 35
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Yom Hazikaron spurs reunion of soldier's friends

"While preparing for last year's Yom Hazikaron ceremony in Scottsdale, community shlicha Sharron Topper-Amitai asked me if I had lost a loved one in Israel's wars. I said, 'Yes, Hillel Sanders, my childhood best friend who died on the Golan Heights in the Yom Kippur War.' Sharron asked if I wanted to honor him at the Yom Hazikaron ceremony, and I immediately agreed. Hillel and I grew up together on Kibbutz Sasa in the Upper Galilee on the Lebanese border. We were among the first group of children in the kibbutz and were bosom buddies.

As I was looking through old photos, I found that I didn't have one of Hillel in uniform. So, I contacted his brother Ran in Israel,"


Blog Editors Note: This news item touches "too close to home" for several different reasons.

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  1. Strange that throughout all this media flurry over President Obama's recent comments regarding the "Pre-1967 Borders, being the starting point, and my sense of disbelief that the US President could actually say such a thing.

    I kept doing my research n the web regarding The Golan Heights. Then when I found as I got deeper and deeper into it I found many valid reasons why I simply could not stop. This one more eerie coincidence on top of the previous one being the May 31, 1973 date. Exactly 38 years ago Today!