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Sustainable Forests: Bolivia's Pioneer Indigenous Plan - TIME

Sustainable Forests: Bolivia's Pioneer Indigenous Plan - TIME: "The 50,000-acre plot looks like a protected reserve. But, notes Picanerai, a woodsman in his 70s, 'My people live off selling these trees.' Indeed, despite the forest's pristine appearance, it's a logging concession run by an indigenous Ayoreo community. The project, along with dozens of similar forest management programs across the Amazon region north of Bolivia, are making sustainable logging a reality instead of an oxymoron. 'We aren't like the other guys,' Picanerai says with a toothless grin. 'We make sure the forest stays standing.'"

This is where Social Causes get a bad rap. There never was any intention that preserving our fragile biosphere meant that anyone who believes in conservation or any of the Green Causes is simply out to stop anyone from earning a livelihood. Its amazing that often people will be so narrow minded as to assume that anyone who is permanently against destroying the environment is clearly against the cause of economic growth!
It's so refreshing to find an article showing how logging can co-exist with not only a normal pattern of land use, but one that is also filled with such lush beauty. Likewise much could be said for for the short sighted practices which are effectively embraced by decade upon decade, where the leadership our great country simply caves in to the very tasty and alluring business that produces such a dependency on light sweet crude.

It really does not matter where all the oil comes from, be it foreign domestic, Arab states, or our very own state of Alaska. What does matter is this country consumes far too much of this non-renewable resource. I am amazed at how many people are so quick to jump on the bandwagon when ever reasonable alternative resources are suggested. 

"  Each year more than 30 million acres (12 million hectares) of the world's natural forest are cut to satisfy global demand for wood and paper products. That deforestation, which reduces the planet's carbon dioxide-absorbing foliage, causes at least a fifth of all greenhouse gas emissions today. South American forest management projects — logging that assures tree regeneration — are quietly growing into key conservation strategies in the fight against climate change. "These programs are about making the standing forest worth something to governments and communities," says Meg Symington, managing director for the Amazon for the World Wildlife Fund-USA, which supports sustainable forestry.                                    

"                Each year for 20 years, the Zapoco cooperative has license to log 2,500 acres (1,000 hectares) filled with rosewood, tigerwood, caviuna and other exotic tree species for export to the U.S. and Europe. (On average about 6,000 trees are felled each year.) A tree census plots out the logging before it begins, and only mature trunks of a certain diameter are marked for chopping, while younger trees are left to grow and the healthiest of the lot are spared so their seeds can spread. "That one wasn't cut because it's got a parrot's nest," says Pedro Charupas, another Zapoco resident, motioning to a fully mature ironwood.            "

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Sometimes I truly wonder if there is any hope at all, for a peaceful world where small business is able to thrive, where mankind can live in harmony with the great abundance which our creator has bestowed upon us all. 

On some level it all does seem to come back to education. When you have an educated populace, it would seem that the abundance of evidence which could only be shown to demand a fundamental change the way corporate America does business. However key people endlessly manipulate the media and creating concepts which which clearly state that anything that denies corporate unrestrained and deregulated exploitation of the environment for the purpose of economic gain is simply un-American, communistic or liberal bleeding heart hogwash. 

Ladies and gentlemen the era is upon us, where a simple downward wave of the hand, can undo processes which take 1000's of years to rebuild. 

Aharon Moshe Sanders
Stephen C. Sanders
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