Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Springwise: Non-profit, Social cause Archives

Springwise: Non-profit, Social cause Archives: "The calculator then tells the user how many meals could be bought for hungry children for the same cost. If the visitor selected a steak and chips as their favorite dish, for example, and estimated the average value of that meal to be USD 23, they would be told that a donation of that value could feed ninety-two children. Visitors can also select how many servings they would like to donate the equivalent of. By clicking to donate, visitors can set up a Feedback account and enter their card details to complete the payment. The process does not end there, however. Donors are then asked to share the details of their Feedback transaction through their social networks, along with invitations for their friends to do the same. On the visitors Feedback profile, they are then able to see how many children they have fed, and how many people their online network has fed in total. They are also able to collect badges for adding social networks to their account and donating. A Facebook app is already available, and apps for iPhone and Windows Phone 7 are coming soon."

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