Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Simple web page creator highlights businesses' social networks - Springwise

Simple web page creator highlights businesses' social networks - Springwise: " has been set up by Chris Bennett, Arrel Gray and Edward Robertshaw, who claim that the website can build a new web page in five minutes. The pages built so far are so simple in appearance, it is easy to believe. A gallery on the website shows their completed web page builds, which feature one large background graphic, a short description of the page’s company, and links to that company’s email and SMS. The pages also feature prominent links to a company's social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, Yelp profiles, Linkedin profiles, and Foursquare. Designed for viewing on both computers and mobile devices, the simplicity of the web page creations means that companies can redirect to their reviews, maps, and social network updates through links — without having to duplicate that same content on the web page itself. is currently in private alpha, but it is still possible to register and reserve a domain name on the site. will then send out emails once registered sites are ready to be built."

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