Tuesday, May 10, 2011

IndiaSeminar : Message: Social Cause Newsletter dated April 01-15, 2011

IndiaSeminar : Message: Social Cause Newsletter dated April 01-15, 2011: "News - Foreign affairs watch
Japan toll tops 26,000 dead or missing
Air India carries over 25 tonnes of relief material to Japan
Gujaratis in Tokyo send out message of hope
Japan pays $1mn to innocent jailed for 17 years
India, Pak agree on 2nd international gate
Indian Government closed its eyes to the plight of Hindus in Pakistan
Hundreds of Hindus in Pak seek to flee from hostile areas
400 Pak Hindus await Indian citizenship
Wives beat up husband for planning fifth marriage in Pak
Bangladesh school suspends students for trimming beards
Bangladesh to claim 400 nautical miles in Bay of Bengal
India's BSF killed 136 Bangladeshis in two years: Dhaka
Bangladesh founder Mujib's killer lives comfortably in Toronto
Nepal disallows Tibetan voting under Chinese pressure
Myanmar disbands military junta, new prez sworn in
For ethnic Indians, Malaysia makes changes to textbook
Islam emerges as campaign issue in French local polls
Saudi Arabia to build world's largest gold factory
Indians top list of non-Arab foreigners in Kuwait
Obama creates indefinite detention system for prisoners at Guantanamo Bay
Housing society in US to pay $110, 000 for keeping Indians out"

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