Sunday, June 5, 2011

Poverty, A Denial of Human Rights | Hunger Season

Poverty, A Denial of Human Rights | Hunger Season: "throughout her book, Irene Khan cites many examples of voicelessness, insecurity, exclusion, discrimination and deprivation. Some of the numerous examples she cites are:

• the millions of workers in China laid off because of the global economic crisis who were sent back to their villages with no safety net.
• the high profile example in Zimbabwe where millions have been impoverished.
• the tens of thousands of homeless people in the U.S. who are excluded and discriminated against because they are not eligible to vote.
• the over 2,000 trade unionists in Columbia who have been killed during the past 20 years.
• the statistic from 2008 which documents more than 37 countries holding Prisoners of Conscience.
• the statistic of over 81 countries with “severe restriction on freedom of expression….”
• the Dalit communities in India which make up 16 percent of the population (160 million people) who are economically excluded and discriminated against."

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