Saturday, June 4, 2011

One Accord Food Pantry Inc

One Accord Food Pantry Inc: "Started in 1989 in upstate New York, the food pantry began by feeding just 2 families who were sent to us by the local school district.

Word quickly spread, and within 4 years, the number of families had grown to 6,000 (or about 40,000 people per year, half of whom were children) and we were providing about 1.5 million pounds of food annually for their needs. Our catchment area also grew to 8 counties and 2 states, and we also shared excess food with other food pantries and soup kitchens."

Editors Note: Great Cause just met the founder of this website on Facebook! Also the creator of this blog recognizes that world-wide poverty and hunger is a world-wide issue. The United Sates as a nation should be taking a lead roll due to its greats wealth of farmland. The story above demonstrates how much good even a "small project" initiated by an individual can do.

Imagine what could be done for this important cause if our current President in the United States could focus his efforts on this cause instead of being consumed with establishing an almost impossible to preserve Peace Process, in the nation of Israel which would achieve it's "defense/peace" in a much more efficient manner with out the US insisting on it's constant meddling in its affairs.-AhMbDvd

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