chose to display Iran is this manner (Godot). Perhaps he is calling on Iran to finally reveal their true intentions by insulting them, and displaying them as a couple of bumbling Hobos incapable of doing a single thing on their own, without this person called Godot. 

We could also, by the same effort read too deeply into Roger Cohen's words and finally realize that the real danger is the current, "Global-lets just pretend its not happening policy" regarding Iran's Uranium enrichment program. 

I suppose in a world where one can actually come face to face with some who will tell you (without even blinking) that the Holocaust never happened (as I did during my community college days) , that one could simply take on the attitude of an ostrich and simply choose to bury their head in the sand.

 After all is was not so long ago that the US was very much against Iran. For the very same reasons. Iran has not changed their objectives and seeking to establish some sort of legitimate basis for its nuclear enrichment program.

Publicly they (Iran) just kind of wink at the world while they maintain that they are enriching Uranium for the purpose of nuclear power. Their publicity statement is clever in justifying the need for this despite their huge supply of oil by publicly stating that they want to produce nuclear energy for their own power needs so that way they do not have "hold back" their oil reserves for distribution to the other nations. 

The key is the fact that Iran is clever enough to predict the follow up question which is why spend so much money on producing nuclear energy when the country has plenty of oil. If Iran told us they were "going green" the entire world would just laugh in their faces. Why would China and Russia want to throw in their cards with Iran. well thats an entirely another topic. 

In the meantime, if we ascribe depth and insight, perhaps where it clearly does not merit an application, we could re-interpret what Roger Cohen may be really trying to tell us: 

...Iran, epicenter of inefficiency, unable to produce a kilowatt of electricity through its Bushehr nuclear reactor despite decades of effort..."

The other interpretation is horrifyingly clear. Iran, has not been able to produce a single kilowatt of electricity because they were never trying to produce electricity. Yet this interpretation would require a very cynical and jaded outlook on life. Everyone knows that politicians, world leaders,  dictators and despots never lie.

Aharon Moshe Sanders, June 15, 2011 5:25pm EST- (AhMbDvd)