Monday, October 31, 2011 The Leading Buy Now Site on the Net The Leading Buy Now Site on the Net:

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Google Technology

Google Technology: "uses only low-cost, off-the-street pigeons for its clusters. Gathered from city parks and plazas by Google's pack of more than 50 Phds (Pigeon-harvesting dogs), the pigeons are given a quick orientation on web site relevance and assigned to an appropriate data coop.

Isn't it cruel to keep pigeons penned up in tiny data coops?

Google exceeds all international standards for the ethical treatment of its pigeon personnel. Not only are they given free range of the coop and its window ledges, special break rooms have been set up for their convenience. These rooms are stocked with an assortment of delectable seeds and grains and feature the finest in European statuary for roosting.

What's the future of pigeon computing?"

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Friday, October 28, 2011

Israel must Just Say No-to Negotiation Processes Mediated by Tyranny and Mutation of Justice.

Israel must Just Say No-to Negotiation Processes Mediated by Tyranny and Mutation of Justice.: "The final component of establishing and continuing to safeguard the rights of the US, Israel, and all of the other, peace-loving and cultured nations of the world, is to maintain the proper stance in effectively preventing Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons. Focusing on 1000 or so murderous bandits who just got released from prison while ignoring a nation which is dangerously close to obtaining nuclear weapons is like concerning oneself with a small colony of ants ruining your picnic when you have just heard the unmistakable growly of a nearby grizzly bear."

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Rationalist Judaism: Is It Acceptable To Believe That...

Rationalist Judaism: Is It Acceptable To Believe That...: "tendency towards entropy in the physical universe is complemented by the tendency towards simplicity within any complex system of thought. A small minority of people can appreciate a diversity of opinion and the sheer volume of knowledge needed to make complicated decisions. The majority don't care about such things and want a simple "It's always okay" or "It's never okay" kind of answer so they can perform without having to think too hard.
The current approach "Either you have a set of beliefs like us or you're a kofer" is reflective of this. Why struggle with trying to explain evolution from a Torah perspective when you can simply declare it to be assur? Why deal with the age of the universe when you can simply declare that believe the universe is over 5772 years old is apikorsus?"

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Sunday, October 23, 2011

anne bentham

anne bentham: "The War on Kids

"The War on Kids shows how American public schools have failed in their mission to provide education, erode the country's democratic foundation by denying the most basic civil rights to youth, and often resemble prisons."

The film focuses on public schools and while my issues with education are much broader, I did learn quite a few things from watching it. The main thing was the connection between antidepressants and every single school shooting in the country. It's shocking. Although, it makes sense why people don't really talk about things like that. I remember withdrawing from an antidepressant cocktail as a teenager. It's mentally excruciating and luckily for everyone around me I have the personality type that internalizes things like tha"

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Life of Celebration

Life of Celebration: ""Reality Transurfing", I. The Space of Variations, I heard echoes of Osho, Villolodo, Chopra, and Serge King, but the structure was distinctly different that those other writers. He defines some concepts that he quickly and often says are only models. The value of the models is that you can test his arguments. And the proof is in the doing.

This view of life is that energy structures are formed when people give their attention to them. At some point the energy structure becomes conscious and develops a need to survive. The survival instinct of these beings, which Zeland calls "pendulums", causes them to cultivate dependency in the minds of those who have contributed energy to them, so that the donor becomes a steady provider of the energy that the pendul"

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Friday, October 7, 2011

Lessons From the Cockpit: Everyday Wisdom from the Flying Life - Lessons - Hope for Humanity

Lessons From the Cockpit: Everyday Wisdom from the Flying Life - Lessons - Hope for Humanity: "There is a person you are meant to be. You know this because you’ve dreamed of it. Perhaps that person is a painter or a photographer. Maybe it’s an entrepreneur or a scientist. But whatever the goal, many of us have the same issue in trying to reach it: we tend to only see the people we are now. When we peer in the mirror it’s too easy to find the faults and imperfections, both inside and out. As much as many of us do not want to admit it, we cling to that person inside whom we don’t want to be.

Why do we do this? Maybe it’s because that person is all we know and it’s so difficult to imagine the higher-self beyond."

Monday, October 3, 2011

The Significance Of Page Ranks. | Free WordPress Themes Tips

The Significance Of Page Ranks. | Free WordPress Themes Tips: "“what is so great about your blog? I can simply write some nonsense and I am ranked higher than you!” These are the naive bloggers who don’t have a single hint about the significance of the Page Rank.
To these bloggers, the Page Rank is just a sign of prestige. To them it is like a scout’s badge pinned on their shoulders for doing a good deed.  To them, it is just an adornment,  to be shown off. They are simply ignorant about the value of what they have and why they are jumping with joy when they got it. Maybe they should sit back, look at the little green bar, and think. Why am I so happy with that? Why should I be happy with that?"