Sunday, November 13, 2011

A priest’s view of Penn State - Guest Voices - The Washington Post

A priest’s view of Penn State - Guest Voices - The Washington Post: "the pattern of abuse that happened in the church is far more widespread that what is reported to have happened at Penn State. And I should be clear about another factor: the Catholic Church has, since the scandal broke, instituted important steps to remove abusers and prevent future abuse. (The U.S. Bishops Conference’s Office for Child and Youth Protection is one such step.) But anyone who seeks to combat abuse in their institutions should be aware of a hidden trap: Be vigilant not only about safeguarding against sexual abuse, not only about holding perpetrators accountable, not only about turning over credible accusations to civil authorities, but also about resisting the powerful draw into feeling too sorry for the wrong people."

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  1. Okay, now that I read the article I get it. I guess the assumption is that everyone (including Torah Observant Jews who do not watch much TV- many communities including the majority here in Passaic NJ) do not own or watch TV. So the news that they hear is what they hear while driving or otherwise commuting to work.

    The thing I never really understood is why bring current events or the news to shul. I guess its more of of the paradigm-shift info I have been trying to obtain. People who do watch the news are upset, or justifiably outraged (I assume either because they are huge Football Fans, or simply hate social injustice, or both) and when they hear or see this stuff, they need to hear to what someone in a position of authority has to say about these social and moral issues. Therefore when we find out that there are all sorts of bad people doing all kinds of evil onto each other. We hear these and they are bad.

    It reaffirms a belief I have had for some time, its easier to join and participate in some sort of negative cause, for a variety of reasons, then it is to rally around some sort of positive cause. The blame game is and has been probably the biggest source of infighting that goes on in the two party political system in the US.

    You ask me for a solution? I do have one, unfortunately look how many words it took just to point out the problem, imagine how many it will take to solve it!