Friday, September 2, 2011

Ilan High School

Ilan High School: "Extra curricular and enrichment activities are a key part of the Ilan experience, as well. The Ilan students, many of whom travel from various Jersey communities and from as far away as Brooklyn, NY, love to be here! Our school calendar is punctuated with trips, shabbatonim, Yimei Iyun, guest speakers, clubs, chagigot, chessed activities, parent-daughter events, yearbook and Torah Bowl meetings, basketball games, and school play practice. Ilan is a place of learning, growth, and joy, and within the broad range of activities and course offerings, each student has an opportunity to shine.

We  encourage you to preview our school video which provides a wonderful glimpse into Ilan High School. A high school student  will spend 300,000 minutes in  high school: why not spend ten minutes watching the enclosed video and exploring a wonderful option"

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