Wednesday, August 17, 2011 » Blog Archive » Tough Love is Underrated » Blog Archive » Tough Love is Underrated: "As a matter of fact Chazal (A term used to collectively refer to the massive body of commentary which is universally accepted as authoritative by orthodox Jews) tell us that if there was a ever an auspicious or righteous time for a rebellion, this certainly was the time. The reason of course being that G-d wants us to fight, even against great adversity to accomplish our G-d given purpose.
An essential component of the identification of the Jewish people after G-d enacted great signs and wonders as he pulled out the Jewish nation from within the midst of Egypt, was for the Jewish people to go up, into the land of Israel, conquering the existing nations that were residing there, and to settle the land eternally as the nation of G-d’s chosen people, to live in the land selected by G-d for the Jewish people."

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